HOW WE invest our time and resources

Data information systems for good.


We have spent the past 8 years immersed in the research aimed at making data more helpful and useful to those seeking care and support for personal recovery and well-being journeys. Along the way, we have been humbled by the strength and courage of individuals, families, and those they care for and love. And we have committed ourselves to learning and never being satisfied with what we created, developed, or thought we knew yesterday.

We are now embarking on a new chapter for our work. We are actively investing in data platforms and technology that can move intellectual property and field-based research into public benefit domains. And we do not approach any of this lightly and we take nothing for granted. We have dedicated ourselves to a body of work that we are now committed to sharing. 

Perhaps most important is our commitment to the way in which we work and invest our time. People often ask us about our company name. The “4” in sr4 represents our three founders plus you, anytime we are engaged with you. The “sr” is something we don’t talk much about—but, well, the “s” stands for “subsume” and the “r” for “resonate.” Thus, our company name is a code that can be roughly translated into this ever-present sentiment: When we engage, you become part of our team, we subsume our identity to the common purpose, and we always seek to resonate for the benefit of others.

If you have an resonating interest or wish to join in our public benefit investments, we would welcome your call.

Be well.


The DIS Team at sr4

sr4-DIS north of Chicago, Illinois .

sr4-DIS north of Chicago, Illinois.